These were a labor of love, images that have been in my head for most of the last year.

Each one if one archetypal figure, all directly inspired by television.

It’s great to be back!

It begins again!


Shadow of the Colossus - Concept Art

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Crow solves an 8 step process.
Crows are amazing, I’ve been photographing them here in Seattle for a couple of years. They have distinct personalities and remember our faces. They actually started flying in and waiting for me when I would get home in hopes of a free unsalted peanut. I think of them as friends.

I had no idea they could do THIS.

An 8 step problem solving process. They’ve trained on each separate task, though not all together. This was the first time.

(Crows will survive the zombies and restart society, no doubt.)

Want a pet crow so bad

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These are so good I want to scream


I smell like cigarettes and blood
Like crashing my car
Getting together to do our thing,
Getting together to sing

Dreaming of oblivion
Yelling at my mom
Why didn’t you take your xanax?
And why can’t I operate this keyboard?

All of it underwater
And we still keep smoking
And dropping our pot
All over our writing desks

Dreaming, I’ve been dreaming
Dreaming of better days, brighter angles
All angels and what not
But nothing, no nothing comes close
To loving you.