Hit Back: Chart Your Own Course but Don’t Give Up on Your Heroes by Adam Gnade


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I’ve been thinking a lot about where you go when you need to move beyond your heroes. At a certain point (whether you’re ready or not) you want to stand up and do something original but what does that mean, how do you start? I want to write something big,…

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Panic In Detroit—David Bowie


at 92 years old, I lie in the hospital willing myself to sleep but still aware of unlimited wifi.

and now here it is in vintage 12 pt times new roman, just the way I had always imagined, at four in the morning flashing on my iphone 460S:

"Congratulations, you have reached the end of the internet."

a single tear swaggers down to my chin and i lick it up with pride.

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Bill Murray on the Late Show through the years.

For you, humbugscumble.

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Who showed me this?? I’m down 15 pounds this month!



This Australian youth makes music that feels like it’s streaming from my very pulp. I love it so much.


I create music using my large music box collection. My recording process takes place at night. Taking a sewing needle and a disassembled music box, I delicately pluck at the tuned teeth of the exposed music box comb with the needle to create melodies. I record this onto my laptop and use a simple program to create loops. I then layer sounds to create intricate and idiosyncratic music.

To see a video I made for this track, click here.


The Day After Portfolio Review

I feel like I’m a child again, unaware of what’s going on in the world, and I just got fucking spanked. You know, you want to sulk, but you now know where you messed up?